NEW AUDACE model 34 and 40

The spirit of the craftsman engraved in time
Explore time in style, discover our watch collections and find the one that will tell your story
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The Foundations

As a watchmaker and engraver, RBaptiste fuses art and time with meticulous precision, infusing each watch with a touch of timeless elegance

The Hand

The hand of the craftsman, like a graceful dancer, shapes the material with passion


A passion for a job well done is the star that guides every craftsman to excellence


Each watch is a unique piece, the result of exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail.


   I create detailed pieces that people look at with admiration and fascination        


From the world of luxury
armoury to that of watchmaking,
this is the story of
R. Baptiste


RBaptiste also offers you the possibility of customising your own watch, as he does for various watch manufacturers
Come and discover engraving techniques through personalised training in the workshop.
Want to learn by yourself?
I’ve put together an engraving manual with videos, all in one digital pack
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