RBaptiste chose to work with Maison LIC for its professionalism and the care taken in each execution.
Handcrafted with over 50 years of exceptional craftsmanship, every detail of this bracelet reflects attention to quality and style.
The genuine leather used to craft this bracelet not only offers a luxurious feel to the touch, but also durability that evolves over time, creating a unique patina that tells your own story.
The rich shades of the leather, combined with fine stitching and careful finishing, give this strap a sophisticated look, making your watch an accessory in its own right.
Adjustable and comfortable, our leather strap conforms to your wrist for a pleasant everyday wearing experience. Whether for a business meeting, an elegant evening or a casual day, this leather watch strap is the ideal choice to complete your style with a touch of discreet refinement.
Affirm your eye for detail and express your personality through this exceptional leather strap, the perfect accessory to enhance your watch and highlight your taste for distinguished aesthetics. Rediscover the timeless charm of leather with our bracelet, a perfect fusion of quality craftsmanship and elegant design.
The RBaptiste bracelets have specific characteristics pushing the beautiful finish even further, such as the use of curved bars to closely match the lines of the case or its orange lining stamped RBAPTISTE.
The material and shade of the leather, the color of the thread, the finish of the edge of the strap… the possibilities are almost endless to make the strap of your watch a truly unique piece.
It is also possible to add an ornament, a text or a personalized design to the lining of your bracelet. Your name can also be engraved on the buckle in place of the RBaptiste.
To show you the many possibilities, materials, finishes, models, here is the catalog of the LIC workshop.
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